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A Selection of Classic Stamps

By Nilaish

Western Australia, 1854-56, Black Swan, 4 pence, light blue, imperforate, lightly used, rare. Western Australia is a state of Australia and formerly a British colony, established its postal service soon after the British settled in 1829; in December of that year, Fremantle's harbour master was appointed postmaster. A post office in Albany opened on 14 October 1834, and the main post office moved to Perth in 1835. The colony issued its first postage stamp on 1 August 1854. The 1d black stamp featured the black swan, a design used for most of the colony's later stamps as well. This stamp was engraved in England and printed by Perkins Bacon; later in the year, local lithographer Horace Samson produced (4d) four pence and 1 shilling values by taking an impression of the 1d's swan vignette and adding different frames. This stamp also represents emblem of Swan which originates from Swan River Settlements of the 18th Century. Alfred Hillman's mistake in the repair …

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