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Stamp Selections

by Nilaish

Lubeck (City in Northern Germany), 1863-65, Coat of Arms, new drawing, 1 1/2 schilling, violet, rouletted 12, used, rare. Stamps were introduced on January 1, 1859. They depicted a double-headed eagle with outstretched wings. A ribbon which surrounds the eagle contains the word "Postmarke" (postage stamp) and the indication of the value of the stamp spelled out in letters. On the upper side is the word "Lübeck" and in each of the four corners is a number which indicates the value of the stamp. The stamps from 1863 depict the same eagle in an oval and in relief, with the word "Lübeck" at the top, the indication of value at the sides, and the word "Schilling" at the bottom. The configuration and value the postal stationary were the same as the stamps. At the postal congress in Berlin (1851), a treaty between Lübeck and Thurn und Taxis was signed for January 1, 1852, which exactly established the responsibilities. The Danish post was dea…

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